Be The Change!

We have all probably at one time or another felt that another person could be better, or a situation could be handled better.  It is very common for us to see the changes that need to be made, but not actively participate in creating the change.  I have learned one particular thing from God that continues to humble me and keep me  on track when I want to  complain about someone or something. There is a scripture in the Bible that states, ” So, then whatever you desire that others would do to and for you, even so do also to and for them…..”  Matthew 7:12. 

If we desire to see a change in someone or something, we must first sow the seed of change. Fruit will not harvest if the seeds are not sown. 

I hope this will help anyone that has been struggling with relationships or career/job challenges. 

Much Love and Blessings!


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