Believe For More!

This morning during my Bible reading time, I got excited about the the truth of God’s timing and restoration.  I read through the book of Ruth and received the oxygen I needed for this time in my life. I realized that God always has a plan to redeem us from anything that has been taken from us.  This bible accounts tells us about the tragic losses of some women, and God restored over and beyond what was lost.  This also relates to God’s plan of redemption and salvation for all mankind.

The Lord had a plan in place long before difficulties and challenges come up in our lives.  His plan has always been to  first restore us to himself through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, and to make our lives whole and complete by faith.  

If you trust and yield to His way of doing things, everything will work out for the best! I have experienced this over and over in my life.  I encourage you to read the Word of God to find out His will for your life and start acting on what you believe.  Circumstances are temporary, but what God says is final and eternal.  Don’t be moved by the facts of what you see, but by what you know as the truth!

Ruth 2: 15-16 ” And when she got up to glean, Boaz ordered his young men, Let her glean even among the sheaves, and do not reproach her! And let fall some handfuls for her on purpose and let them lie there for her to glean, and do not rebuke her. 

Much Love and Blessings!


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