Set A Goal!

What are your goals? It is so important that we all set goals to improve ourselves and our situations. Most of us have heard at some time or another about the importance of goal setting yet many of us fail to do so.  In order to succeed in any area of life, we must set goals and keep them.  They help us to continuously grow and develop. It can be very easy to fall into complacency, which can lead to an unproductive life. In studying the lives of some highly successful people, I found that they are goal setters.  This makes a lot of sense, because in order to remain successful, you must continue raising the bar for yourself to keep up with the changes in society.  

Take the time to clearly define what you want in life and write it down. Only you know what you truly need and desire.  When you write down your goals you can see them regularly, and your mind goes to work to help you accomplish them.  Taken from “Fitly Spoken” (book by Tamara M. Jones at

Create a Good day! 


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