Q’s of Life!


I am posting a page from my newly published book “Fitly Spoken”. I wrote this book in a very easy to read style to make it part of your daily routine.  Thank you to everyone that follow my blog and for sharing it with others! I hope that your life will be truly transformed and you will live the life you were created to live.

Q’s of Life;

Quality of life is more important than the quantity of stuff you acquire throughout your life.

Quench the urge of quitting by digging your heels in and making the decision to stick it out until you win.

Quickly forgive others and keep yourself from giving away your power through unforgiveness.

Quiet the voices that tell you “you can’t make it”, and turn up the volume on the voices that say “you can”.

Quit complaining and start creating solutions instead.  People are paid to solve problems.

Quirks are the things that make us unique, so instead of trying to change them, embrace them.

Quiet is necessary in order to hear the noise in your life, so be still and listen.

Be Quick to listen and slow to speak. This shows your maturity as a good listener and keeps you from making presumptions.

Quality time  with your children should be a requirement not an option.

EQuip yourself with the right attitude and mindset to succeed, and you will.


Love and Blessings!


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