The Measure Of …!

What is the measure of a man or woman in regards to our relationships with one another?  The measure of a man or woman for me begins and ends with how well that person honors and respects their relationship with God and His Son Jesus.  If that person places God first in all areas of his or her life,  then I know there is a God centered moral compass guiding them.   I know that there is a higher standard than what the average person lives by.  When making the decision to allow or disallow someone into my personal space, I have to first know what values they hold and who holds them accountable.  I have found that many relationships we find ourselves in to later find out they were not what they appeared to be, could have have been avoided in the beginning.    We must surround ourselves with people and things that make us better as people.

It is a good idea for us to evaluate our relationships with others from time to time, and determine which of those are mutually beneficial, and those that are not.  Let’s face the fact that we all must live on this planet together for a while, so why not connect with those that share the same values and morals that we hold. We are not able to change everyone into who we would like them to be, but we can connect with those that are like-minded and have similar visions.

I pray this will help you to create the type of environment that requires and produces the best from you at all times!

Much Love and Blessings!


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