G’s of Inspiration!

  • The Giants in your life are in the eyesight of your mind.  Bring them down to size and they can be defeated.
  • Good news is like rain coming down to water crops in a drought.  It breathes life and gives hope to life situations or circumstances.
  • Gratitude will make what’s missing in your life a small detail.
  • Give with pure motives without keeping score of who gives back to you.
  • Greatness can be wrapped in small packages.  Never underestimate the impact your life can make on many.
  • Grass is sometimes greener on the other side.
  • Growth occurs when we nurture the seeds of change planted.
  • Games are part of life, but life is not a game.  You get one chance to live it, so live it well.
  • Get in where you’re supposed to be, not where you fit in.
  • Gladness will take away the sting of sadness if you choose it.

Taken from “Fitly Spoken” by Tamara M. Jones

To order a copy of the book go to: http://www.fitlyspokenbook.com

Enjoy your day and expect the best!



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