H’s of Inspiration!

  • Hope sees beyond what is and believes what can be.
  • Happiness is a state of mind when you tell your mind “I am happy”.
  • Be a Hero instead of spending time admiring them.
  • Honesty will always be the best policy.
  • Help yourself by helping someone else.  What you do for others will happen for you.
  • Home is the place where you build the foundation to your future.  So, be prepared to make changes if necessary.
  • Honor your father and mother and extend mercy to them for any mistakes they might have made.  This can cause your life to be well and enjoyable.
  • Hear with your heart instead of your emotions and you’ll respond and not react.
  • The Health of your mind can determine the health of your body.  A healthy state of mind can create a healthy state of being.
  • Say “Hello” to change and “goodbye” to staying the same.  Welcome change as a chance to come up to a higher level.

Taken from “Fitly Spoken” book by Tamara M. Jones

To purchase a copy of my book go to www.fitlyspokenbook.com

Love and Blessings!

Totally my style!


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