V’s of Inspiration!

  • Victory is the success of victors not victims.  You will never see victory in your life until you begin to see yourself winning.
  • Vows are made to be instituted not ignored.  Fulfill whatever vows you have made in your life because they are in essence promises.
  • Voting allows us to exercise our democratic right to choose instead of complaining about our lack of choices.
  • Vacations are important because they allow you to vacate places, people or things and see new possibilities.
  • Vision is your sight into the future.  You need to visualize what you want before you see it materialize.
  • Vanity is an obstacle to success because it will keep you focusing on you and not on the people you were created to serve.
  • Eat your Veggies! They provide you with the natural vitamins and nutrients your body needs and will save you money on buying them.
  • Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the one time of year to show appreciation for the ones you love.  Do something kind for them regularly and they just might do the same for you.
  • Vehicles should not be your success but the fruit of your success.  The kind of car you drive does not determine your status, but your status can determine the kind of car you drive.
  • Validating others when they are wrong is like committing the wrongs yourself.  Be honest with people and they will respect you in the long run.

Taken from “Fitly Spoken” book by Tamara M. Jones at: www.fitlyspokenbook.com

May God Bless You Always!


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