P’s of Inspiration!

  • Patience is having a good attitude while you are going through the process of obtaining your desired result.
  • Pick your friends wisely in the beginning or they will pick you apart in the end.
  • Play everyday and don’t take life so seriously.  You were created to enjoy what God has created.
  • People are everywhere so why not learn to love everybody as much as it depends on you.  Love is your Power.
  • Physical fitness will extend the life of your body in the long run, whereas quick fixes last only for a period of time in the short run.
  • “Please” goes a long way and demonstrates gratitude.  Remember, people don’t have to do anything for you they don’t want to do, so be gracious!
  • Practice will create skill in any area of life when and if you choose to do it!
  • Perfection We have to get out of His way and stop trying to do everything our own way!
  • Planning is the key to actually obtaining your goals versus just looking at them.
  • Promises should only be made if you intend on keeping them.  Broken promises are for the uncommitted.

Taken from ‘Fitly Spoken’ book by Tamara M. Jones

To purchase a copy of the book as a gift go to, www.fitlyspokenbook.com. To purchase a copy of ‘A Taste of Soup on Purpose, Words of Encouragement and Inspiration for Everyday Life, go to any online book retailer.

God Bless You and Happy Holidays!


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