Fitly Spoken N’s of Inspiration!

  • Noble planning will create Noble standing.  Do all things with integrity and you’ll rest securely knowing they are done with right motives.
  • Now is the time to act in your present to prepare for your future.
  • Never underestimate the contributions you make into the lives of others, because there is someone who is being impacted and appreciates them.
  • New things can be discovered everyday if you look for the clues all around you.
  • Names have meanings so name your children wisely.
  • Nothing given is nothing received.  You can’t expect what you haven’t given out.
  • Night experiences won’t last because the morning always comes.
  • Numbers only give us a reference point of where we are and help us to decide on where we want to be.  Don’t allow numbers and statistics to hold you where you are.
  • Normal is whatever we decide in our minds to be achieved by our actions.
  • No is not a word that can deny you of anything unless you allow it to.

Taken from Fitly Spoken book by Tamara M. Jones at

” Man’s steps are ordered by the Lord.  How then can a man understand his way?”  Proverbs 20:24

Decide that today is your day to do what is necessary to live successfully!


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