T’s of Inspiration!

T’s of Inspiration from “Fitly Spoken” by Tamara M. Jones

  • Think before you speak because your words have power to create or to destroy.
  • Trouble comes and Trouble goes, but Trouble won’t stay if you maintain a good attitude in the midst of it.
  • Test the waters before jumping in all the way.  Have some understanding of what you are doing before you begin doing it.
  • Today could be the day of your breakthrough so focus on today and you won’t spend time worrying about tomorrow.
  • Travel to new places and experience new things.  You won’t know what’s available to you unless you see it.
  • Throw away your Trash and don’t pass it on to others because they have enough of their own.
  • Tithing Ten percent of your income into the work of the Lord through your church will cause the rest of your ninety percent to be blessed.  Get God involved in your finances if you want to recession proof your living.
  • Training should occur before true change happens to maintain and/or sustain it.  Why gain something and you don’t know how to keep it?
  • Texting still does not replace the intimacy and emotion of hearing another person’s voice in a conversation.  There are some of us that still want to hear your voice.

Much Love and Blessings!

Scripture of the day!

” No one abuses his own body, does he? No, he feeds and pampers it.  That’s how Christ treats us, the church, since we are part of His body.  And this is why a man leaves father and mother and cherishes his wife.  No longer two, they become “one flesh”. This huge mystery, and I don’t pretend to understand it all.  What is clearest to me is the way Christ treats the church.  And this provides a good picture of how each husband is to treat his wife, loving himself in loving her, and how each wife is to honor her husband. Ephesians 5:29-33  MSG

Image result for marriage respect


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