Hope- The Missing Ingredient

I want to share some key points with you from an article I read in this month’s issue of, The Word of Faith  magazine published by Kenneth Hagin Ministries titled, “Hope- The Missing Ingredient by Darrell Huffman”

  • Faith is motivated by your HOPE.
  • Frustration is motivated by your Problems.
  • Hope is what our Faith is running to Obtain.

Hope is the missing ingredient, and without it we can’t obtain the promises of God. Hope is our goals, our visions, and our dreams; it is the revelation of what God said He would do for us.  Faith that is founded in real Bible hope inspires us to go out and get whatever we need and bring it back to us. Many of us are trying to release faith when faith has nothing to go after. It’s like having a perfectly good car sitting in a garage waiting to be driven somewhere. The car will not go by itself , but needs a driver and destination. Faith and Hope work together where Faith is the vehicle that will take you to your destination (Hope). I encourage you to put  your hopes, visions and dreams out there. This will give your faith something to go after.  Instead of being consumed by problems let’s be consumed with hope. Then we’ll be in faith, and through faith see God’s promises come to reality in our lives.

May God’s Grace and Peace Be With You Always! Amen

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