Be Brave!

There are times in our lives when we may be asked to step out of our comfort zones, and do somethimg that is a little uncomfortable for us to do.  I know I have been there many times in my life. What I have found during theses times, is that when I choose to trust God and not myself I am able to accomplish whatever it is I need to do.  The Bible tells us about the lives of many people who were called out of their comfort zones and away from what was familiar to them to go to places and do things that that were insurmountable on their own. However, when they acted out of faith and trusted God to move from their current position things eventually came together as a blessing for them and  generations that followed.

I don’t know about you, but I want to boldly step out of my current position to lay hold of what God has in store for me. It will take faith, trust, courage and commitment to fulfill the destiny that God has for us. If you choose to be brave and courageous I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Side Note:  I have created a new web show on You Tube with my husband  to discuss various topics to inspire and encourage you to live well in every way. We just recorded our first introductory show which will be uploaded today! We look forward to meeting you each week from our couch to share our lives with you.  We are really excited to see what God Has in store.   You can view us on You Tube at “On the Couch With Marcus and Tammy”.

Thank you for your support and make sure to subscibe to our channel and tell others!

Love, Peace and Blessings!

” This Book of The Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it.  For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success.  Have I not commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous.  Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 8-9 AMP.

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